NSA 2.0

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2 Interchangeable Batteries!

Brighter Wireless Light!

Similar to our Original NSA, but with a few upgrades:

  • Can be attached to ANY safety glasses, flip up loupes or through the lens magnification loupes and face shield.
  • Designed to last all day for the average usage of most dental professionals
  • Charge time is approximately 1 hour
  • Work great with Through-The-Lens Loupes
  • 45 Day Return Policy

Comes with one Light, Universal Clip, Charger, and 2 Batteries. 

6 Months Warranty.


Due to very high demands, inventory is limited.  There may be delays, please contacts our team if you have any questions.

24 total reviews

Wireless Light Specs

An up-close-and-personal look at the NSA 2.0’s finest features.

  • Lightweight

    One battery weighs only 20 grams (about the weight of one AA battery)

  • Bright

    At 42,000 Lux, we have one of the brightest wireless lights

  • Powerful Battery Life

    NSA 2.0 comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, so you won’t run out! Over 12 hours of total working time (6 hrs on low & 2 hrs on highest power)

  • Universal Attachment

    Can be attached to ANY safety glasses, flip-up loupes or through-the-lens magnification loupes

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Kristy Dance

The battery connects to the light with a magnet. Comes off very easy. Honestly the only issue I have with it. It’s lightweight was easy to put on my Q- optic loops.

Leigh Walker
Great Customer Service!!!

So this review is more about the Customer service than the light, seeing as I haven't used it in practice yet. So there will be an additional review, or an update to this one. My light came in Satruday, May 28th. It looked great and appeared to be very bright and I was very excited to start using it. But the light wouldn't stay in the position I needed, and I couldn't tighten it to make it work. Turned out there was a small crack in one of the brackets. I contacted the company that day, and sent a pic of the crack. I didn't expect a response right away due to the holiday. I got a response on Tuesday morning, May 31. They said they would be sending a new light right away. So, I thought I might have it by next week. It came in today. From the west coast. I'm on the east coast. Appears to work perfectly. Can't wait to try it on Monday! Customer service is fantastic! Thank you so much!

Ken Lepinskas
Much better than a wired product with more intensity

Very convenient mounting system and intense light source. The battery compartment did come apart. It's a plastic compartment that is uses a strong magnetic to hold it secure. I used some adhesive to keep it together.

Sonya Byer
Made the switch from wired to wireless and never looked back!

Love my new wireless light set up! Was very easy to set up and fit perfectly on my q-optics loupes. Light weight and stays secure with a good loupe strap. The light is plenty bright and stays charged for a little more than half my work day on the highest setting. I love that it comes with two batteries so I can quickly switch. I like the battery’s magnetic connection for even faster switching. Have had some issues with the battery being knocked off while wearing loupes around my neck but it’s nothing that I can’t work around. Still very happy with my purchase from the price point, buying experience, amazing customer service and a great quality light. Really love the new logo design and fun carrying case it comes in too! If you are on the fence about buying the NSA 2.0, just do it! You’ll be glad you did!!

Christie Highum
Fantastic light, big improvement from my Lumadent light

I love this light! I have used Lumadent since 2012 and loved how bright and how long the battery would last. My OG lumadent got damaged and I had to upgrade to the newer model. I hated it. It didn't hold a charge and was so dim. It felt clumsy and kept tapping itself off. I thought to try this wireless light because it was wireless and I was sick of getting tangled up. IT WORKS SO WELL! very bright, easy to assemble. Lightweight and sleek. I am so pleased with my purchase. Highly recommend.