Clarity, precision, lightweight. Cutting-edge LED technology.

Surgical loupes and lights designed and created for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals. We partner with the best designer brands in the world.


Our lightweight and bright wireless LED headlights allow freedom from wires, cords and strings, and our wired LED headlights maximize power and strength for long clinical workdays.


We are authorized retailers and have partnered with the best luxury designer brands in the world.


Our accessories take your loupes and lights combination to the next level.

Wireless Light Specs

An up-close-and-personal look at the NSA 2.0’s finest features.

  • Lightweight

    One battery weighs only 20 grams (about the weight of one AA battery)

  • Bright

    At 42,000 Lux, we have one of the brightest wireless lights

  • Powerful Battery Life

    NSA 2.0 comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, so you won’t run out! Over 12 hours of total working time (6 hrs on low & 2 hrs on highest power)

  • Universal Attachment

    Can be attached to ANY safety glasses, flip-up loupes or through-the-lens magnification loupes


We love these lights at our office. It is easily switched from safety glasses to loupes and they are very reliable. 10 out of 10 stars.

It’s the best light battery. I have used different battery from another company but this is the best. It’s compact and strong. I always worried about battery dropping & breaking but this one is very well made. Highly recommend!