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Custom TTL Loupes 3.5x

Custom TTL Loupes 3.5x

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A custom TTL loupes (3.5x mag) as you have never seen before.

  • Custom TTL loupes - made to your specific needs.
  • 2.5x magnification.
  • working distant - 300-580mm - yes, you read it correctly, a very wide working range.
  • Light weight - only 30 grams (out TTL is double our weight).
  • great viewing area - 125mm field of vision.
  • Goes great with our wireless light (NSA light).
  • 1 year Warranty.

Since these TTL loupes are made to order, expect a manufactoring and shipping time of between 2-4 weeks.

We will contact you to confirm your setting, please check your email spam box and phone voice mail.



Our revolutionary TTL Loupes fitting service.

If you are able to get your PD measured at an eye clinic, great!  We will send a custom TTL loupes made to your specifications.

If you are NOT able to get your PD measured at an eye clinic, we have a revolutionary way to get you a fitting and comfortable TTL Loupes made to your unique specification.  These are the steps:

1) Measure your PD at home - by taking a photo of yourself and a typical credit card placed right above your eye.

2) Send that photo to us by email.

3) We will inform you of your approximate PD.

4) Here is the revolutionary part - we will send you THREE custom TTL loupes - one made to your approximate PD, and two others that we anticipate might fit you as well.  

5) Try them all, and keep the one that fits you best.  Send the other two back.  And you now have a unique TTL loupes that fits you prefectly.  


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