💡 The BRIGHTEST WIRELESS dental loupe light on the market at the most AFFORDABLE price EVER! 💡


Welcome Mommy Dentists!

Are you looking for a NEW loupe light?
Are you looking for NEW loupes?
Check out Light Solutions Dental, a MDIB member founded company.
NSA 2.0 and 2.5x Loupe Combination


Our Best Seller is the NSA 2.0, which is our Wireless Loupe Light.

NSA stands for "No Strings Attached."
You get 2 interchangeable batteries to ensure long-lasting working time and battery power. It adapts to most face shields and loupes. No additional attachment is needed. This wireless light is ONLY $350.
NSA 2.0 (No Strings Attached)
NSA on Jet Boat Faceshield

Support the MDIBS Education Center and Get an Exclusive Discount Too!

Enter MDIBS10 for 5% off your total purchase and 5% donation towards the MDIBs Education Center
About Dr. Tina Saw
After years of practicing dentistry, I was tired of replacing expensive loupe lights and purchasing additional brand-specific adapters for my loupes. I was unhappy with the brightness and overall quality. I didn't like the wires that caught on door handles, my handpieces or wherever I walked by. I had to come up with a solution! During my dental practice's 3 month closure due to COVID-19, I launched Light Solutions Dental, making affordable dental loupes and lights for all dental professionals.
I currently own a private general dentist practice in Carlsbad, California (North San Diego). I have two children, ages 4 and 2 who keep me busy each and every single day. The Mommy Dentists in Business group as truly been the BEST and the MOST SUPPORTIVE group to me ever, and I can't thank you all enough for offering such wonderful mom, practice and life advice.



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