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How to make a Sneeze Guard - COVID-19 prevention

We now need a Sneeze guard at the office to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Here, I will share with you step by step ways to make your own sneeze guard that looks professionally made.  Read on for more.!



  • Clear acrylic sheets - you can get them from hardware store such as Lowes and Home Depot.  For convenience I have attached a link for the one that I purchased: Acrylic sheets - Thick ($30) or Thin ($13)  You can get any size, and we would recommend a larger size for a larger front desk.
  • Stand legs - We used bookshelf.  You can get cheap ones or nicer ones (we went with a mid range priced one)
  • Double sided tape: Go for strongest one you can find.  We used this
  • Velcro or Command strips - We went with command strips.  

Now for the assemble part:

1) Pill off the cover on the acrylic sheet to review the clear sheet.  Then set it aside. 



2) Apply the strong double side tape to the legs.  You may want to leave it about 3-4 inches above the bend (corner) so that the sneeze guard will be off the desk.  


3)  Apply the legs to the clear acrylic sheet.  You may want to measure out from one end of the leg so that you can stick the legs on the clear acrylic sheets at about the same height.  


4)  Do the same for all the legs for the sneeze guard.


5) Place the command strip (or Velcro if you prefer) under the legs.  We first applied one strip and then sandwich the other strip on the legs, then peel off all the adhesive covers and then place them in the right location.


Or you can place legs on both front and back of the acrylic sheets to make it more stable (recommended for larger sheets).


Good luck on making your own.  And don't forget to check out our Dental Lights.  We make them super affordable and convenient.  We have a Wired one that is super bright and a Wireless that can clip on to most face shields, loupes and glasses.

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