About Light Solutions Company

Ahead of the curve in technology and design, Light Solutions Company is an industry-leading provider of loupes and lights for dentists, surgeons, and veterinarians. We provide only high-performance and ergonomic loupes that are reliable and affordable, engineered to enhance performance during procedures that require the most delicate precision.

At Light Solutions Company, we work to answer to the needs of healthcare professionals and clinicians, set on continuous innovation when it comes to comfort, design, and service to the healthcare community. Our loupes and lights provide the unparalleled visual clarity that you need, with even better ergonomics for improved posture, built for comfort in prolonged use.

Light Solutions Company’s wireless lights and loupes for healthcare professionals revolutionize the way you work, ensuring that you enjoy innovative comfort and extraordinary visual clarity, designed with quality you can see.

Dr. Tina Saw & Dr. Thanh Luu